All release dates!

The Ominous 1 (4/27/22)

The Graveyard 1 (7/6/22)

The Ominous 2 (10/23/22)

The Graveyard 2 (1/18/23)

The Ominous 3 (4/26/23)

The Graveyard 3 (7/19/23)

The Ominous 4 (10/23/23)

The House That Ominous Built (1/24/24)

The Ominous 5 (4/24/24)

The Fire EP (7/24/24)

Him (10/23/24)

I cannot wait to share all of my work with you guys! Thank you for following and stick around for new music. Remember, every stream is a donation because I donate 100% profits to charity for victims of sexual abuse.

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  1. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. May it encourage you.

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