The Graveyard 1 release date

(100% of profits from all my music will be donated to charity to help victims of sexual assault) The Graveyard 1, the first mixtape featuring songs that didn’t make the albums, will be released on 7/6/22! I’m excited for this project because the songs I made weren’t the best, but they were still a big part of me that I left behind. In this mixtape you will hear how I grew as an artist and how my style changed over the years. Some songs even date back to 2016, with one song (Suicide) being the first song I ever wrote! The second half of the mixtape is compiled of songs I did for an album I was making over 5 years ago. The idea was to make every single song have a deep and powerful message. A lot of pain and emotions went into these songs, so I’m excited to share, not my best work, but my most honest work, with you. Keep streaming!

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