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So, as we near the end of Ominous Beats (Season 1) I was wondering, should I make a season 2? Here’s the thing. The first season features a lot of old beats I made that I cannot sing/rap/whatever on and I didn’t want them to go to waste. But today I have been making really good beats. The free beats are cool and all and they have my name at the beginning of it so if someone uses it they’ll know it’s my beat, but still. I don’t want to make my beats worthless, so I am thinking of stopping after season 1 and starting to sell my beats. Nothing too expensive, I just want to add some type of worth to my name. I’ll also attract more serious artists who will probably release on Spotify and such and that type of collaboration is very important for more outreach and monthly listeners. Tell me what you guys think. I’m all ears 🙂

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