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The Ominous 4

Ominous The Spirit is changing the world!

Ominous The Spirit donates 100% profits to charity to help victims of sexual abuse! That means that you can help donate by streaming his music!

Follow Ominous The Spirit on social media or check in to the website to stay updated. If you would like to get involved, you can simply contact Ominous The Spirit. Ominous donates 100% of the money he makes off of music to charity to help victims of sexual abuse. If you would like to help, you can donate yourself on Global Giving. If you are looking to buy a painting, or you are in the business of buying instrumental beats, you can contact Ominous at

The Graveyard 3 (Out Now)

Ominous The Spirit

Ominous The Spirit is an independent artist. He makes and produces music, paints, and creates photography. Ominous The Spirit donates all of his profits to a charity helping to educate people about sexual abuse and help victims of the same.

Album release dates

  • The Ominous 1 (Out Now)
  • The Graveyard 1 (Out Now)
  • The Ominous 2 (Out Now)
  • The Graveyard 2 (Out Now)
  • The Ominous 3 (Out Now)
  • The Graveyard 3 (Out Now)
  • The Ominous 4 (10/23/23)
  • The Fire 1 EP (1/24/24)
  • The Ominous 5 (4/24/24)
  • The Fire 2 EP (7/24/24)
  • Him (10/23/24)

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